Range Of Service

Professional ervice:

1.   Professional dry cleaning and launderette services
We have the most comprehensive and the latest laundry & dry cleaning equipment. With our professional technicians & skill, to provide the high quality of dry cleaning and launderette services include not only clothing's but also special items such as furnishing, leather, curtains, handbags and accessories.

2.   Substantial service of fabrics laundry
The fabric laundry is the most preferential benefit and washes easily for the service, including common clothing, bedclothes, and household. All of clothes are using the simple procedure to wash by an independence machine which can save soaks and irons with these working procedure. At last we use to dismounting way to deliver to customer. Individual clothing like underpants, handkerchief, night clothes, T-shirt, bath towel, sock and so on. They are suitable for the fabrics laundry which provides the free storage for 1 month.

3.   Express quality cleaning for 2 hours
We provide door-to-door Pick-up & Delivery services covering Hong Kong, and provide the express service of laundry for 2 hours.

4.   Provide the comprehensive services of individuals and business corporations

Welcome to undertake various types of individuals and business corporations for uniforms cleaning. Monthly payments of the cleaning services are substantial as well as pick and delivery.

  Our objective:
         Professional, sincere, equipment, experience - surmounted your anticipation forever!

Undertaker for various cleaning services: Restaurant, hotel, cafe, salon, beauty shop, foot healthy company, hospital, measles, care-and-attention home, schoolˇ¦s organization and each private Community.

                    Provided special discount for different commercial sectors.
                                                Welcome to call us for details